Treating Anxiety with Prozac – What You Need to Know

Adopting Prozac for anxiety is not the most popular use for this SSRI.

The main use of Prozac is for major depression, this is because the substance works best for this type of disorder. However, there are certain instances in which Prozac will help relieve anxiety, particularly panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder.

How Does Prozac Work?

Generally, Prozac evens out the natural-occurring chemicals known to aid feelings of happiness and wellness. Depression usually sets in when these natural-occurring chemicals go out of balance or decrease significantly. Treating anxiety with Prozac should only be according to prescription as the substance is often prescribed only for specific anxiety disorders (e.g. panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder).

Using Prozac to Treat Anxiety

Whether you are targeting anxiety or depression with Prozac, seeing results from the medication will usually take not less than a month or even more. If the patient is able to continue the medication consistently (daily) and not skip, significant results will start showing after some weeks.

Possible Risk

When prescribing Prozac for anxiety, a physician will usually warn against possible risk that comes with stopping the medication suddenly. Do not stop Prozac medication abruptly to avoid some grave health risks. If you choose not to continue with the medication, a safe way is to gradually scale back your dosage and eventually go off the medication.

Combining Prozac with Behavioral Therapy

As mentioned earlier, treating anxiety with Prozac is usually only for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) condition. The condition typically describes a situation where an individual’s mind remains on fleeting thoughts or ideas. Some of such fleeting thoughts that characterize an obsessive compulsive disorder include obsession with cleanliness and hygiene.

For instance, you may notice some individuals with the habit of washing their hands at any given moment, for fear of contacting germs or illness. In this case, a combination of Prozac and behavioral therapy is usually recommended by an expert. The essence of the behavioral therapy is to help enhance the mental perception of the individual in question. It can really take some time to change lingering perception that the person usually experience about the object of his worry. However, behavioral therapy produces positive results if the individual perseveres with the treatment. If necessary, the physician will prescribe Prozac as you are undergoing the therapy.

You should bear in mind that Prozac for anxiety is purely prescribed by a doctor. So, it is not an over-the-counter remedy. If you experience anxiety to the extent of experiencing interruption in your daily routines, speak with your physician immediately to find the right help you need for your condition. You can regain your normal life and experience better quality living when you seek the right help that you need.

Finally, bear in mind that Prozac for anxiety is not a magical medication. It requires substantial time to start seeing the changes that you desire. So, follow the medication according to the doctor’s prescription. And if you have some worries about the medication, contact your doctor immediately.


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